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New Client: www.ipagereviewer.com



New Client: www.theitalianmarketrestaurant.com



Hosting and Support Renewal www.middletontavern.com, www.obsprime.com, www.obriensoysterbar.com, www.winefest.com


New Client 66chevylimo.com, Hosting and design package


New Client: Nonnos Italian Grill, site design and hosting package


New Client: The Italian Market, site redesign and hosting package

New Client: 1 Year hosting package for

New Client: 1 year hosting package for
, www.obsprime.com and www.obriensoysterbar.com


New Client:1 year support agreement for www.middletontavern.com, www.obsprime.com and www.obriensoysterbar.com

New Client
beyondsigns.net signs hosting package with AfterFiveComputing.

New Client
mikescrabhouse.com signs hosting package

AfterFiveComputing.com opens doors to competitive and inexpensive web hosting and domain email.





  • Web Site Design & Hosting
  • POP3 and Web Based E-Mail
  • Linux Red Hat VMware Servers
  • Apache Web Server with SSL Encryption
  • Domain Name Procurement and Renewal's
  • Encrypted Site Access via ssh and sftp
  • Web Sites designed for 56K, Web TV and the Blind

Residential and Small Business Networking & Security:

Companies like Comcast will provide you broadband access, but at what cost? Your personal information is immediately jeopardized when turning on you PC. You need a router/firewall to help protect against internet threats such as hackers.

Have you purchased a wireless device for you computer? Most likely your key strokes can be seen by your neighbors. Can your neighborhood see your wireless device? If so, they may be able to connect to your internet service and receive internet access at your expense. Contact annapoliswebhosting.com to protect your personal information and identity.

Additional Services:

PC Hardware and Software upgrades and installations including memory, hard disks and video cards.

Implementation of secure hardwired and Wireless Internet Devices including: wireless routers, wireless modems, access points, pcmcia wireless cards for laptops, pci wireless cards for pc's.

Configuration of wireless devices for encryption and removal of broadcasting your wireless device to the world.






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